February 27, 2020


Video conferencing is in many ways similar to any other type of conference call. It allows two or more people to communicate with each other in real time, without being in the same location. Unlike a telephone conference, a video conference allows participants to see each other during the call. In addition to letting participants see one another during the meeting, video conferencing also often provides the option of sharing information, such as documents or a presentation, during the call. Here are our top reasons to embrace the business-minded benefits of video.

Reduced Travel Time and Costs

The ability for staff to be in client meetings or solve issues without leaving their offices can help drive business productivity.

Optimized Attendance

Increased attendance from dispersed internal teams and clients is possible for participants who otherwise would have been debilitated by location.

Increased Productivity

As a result of improved communications, participants are more in sync, decisions are able to be made faster, and productivity increases.

Structured Meetings

Predefined start and end-times for people calling from different location prior to the video call allows for a more focused discussion.

Employee Retention

Less travel requirements allow a better work/life balance and employees can choose to work from home to alleviate cost of commuting.

Sustained Competitive Advantage

All of these aspects mean video conferencing provides a strong competitive advantage for your business.

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